August 2019

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Top 20 Choreo Views – August 2019

Top 20 Choreo Views – August 2019

The most viewed dances of August 2019 on “We Dance Country – Catalan Style” website

Dances added on the website


Ain’t Love

Edu Roldós & Lidia Calderero


Call It Love

Laura Marín & Emilio Cañizares


Deep In My Heart

Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner



Teo Lattanzio


First Round

Algaly Fofana Gianmarco Rossato “Johnny” Pol F. Ryan Neža Križ, Silvia Florido 


Just Friends

Silvia Denise Staiti



Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner Ma Jesus & Maite, Mariajo & Carolyn, Carlos & Javier 


Meant To Be

Laura Jones


My Roots

David Villellas


Peaceful & Easy

Bruno Moggia David Prestor



Pol F. Ryan Isabella Cermak, Selina Jank 


Sometime Ago

The Dreamers


Something You Love

Valentina Trigila


Sweet Erika

Montse Chafino



David Villellas Montse Chafino



Paradise Of Horses (PoH) 


Trucker Dance

Adriano Castagnoli


Waiting On Me

Bruno Moggia

Dances added on the APP

Plus all those posted on the site this month

Old Fellow


River Of Time

Rob Fowler

Old Friends in America

Dan Albro, Marie Claude Gil, Lyndy, Johnny Montana

Farm Girl Strong

Roberto Nonnis


Gabi Ibañez & Paqui Monroy

Old Alabama

Rob Fowler
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