Out of Contest


A space dedicated to all those who wish to publish their own choreography on the site.
The following explains how it works and the necessary requirements.


The section will be updated with your choreographies in May and October each year.
All choreographies will remain visible for the entire year from the date of publication, with the exception of special agreements between the website administration and the choreographer. Instead, the most voted choreographies won’t expire and will always remain visible on this section of the website.

Materials to send

The material must be sent via special page that will be made available when the session will be opened by the date that every time will be indicated. Below, a list of all the materials and infos that must be sent:

  • Youtube link of the video (demo + teach) *
  • Stepsheet in .pdf format
  • Choreography title*
  • Song title and artist name *
  • Difficulty level*
  • Dance structure (counts, walls, tags, restarts, bridges and sequences)*
  • Photo (.jpg) close up of the choreographer, better in a large format*

All material with an asterisk is obligatory. The eventual stepsheet must be sent in a .pdf format and must be written in a simple, clear and concise way, possibly in one page.


Votes will be available only during the following month after the session. Everyone can vote (from 1 to 5) anonymously for each of the choreographies or even just some of them. The choreography that obtains the best grade with the lowest number of voters will be the winner. The winning choreography will be inserted in the main archive and will not be removed for any reason.

Participation cost

The cost for inserting the choreography is 5 euro. Payment must be made by PayPal from the link that I will send you once I receive the choreography. The upload order will follow the payment date.