Always Sing

Beginner level

Choreographer: Cathy Dumoulin

Song: Always Sing by RaeLynn

American Beer

Intermediate level

Choreographer: Adriano Castagnoli

Song: We Got The Love by Restless Heart

American Dream

Intermediate level

Choreographer: A.Benet, P.Asensi, E.Guiteras, M.Martos

Song: Rusty Old American Dream by Pat Green

American Farmer

Beginner level

Choreographer: Jérôme Grodkowski

Song: American Farmer by Charlie Allen


Intermediate level

Choreographer: Manu Santos, Léo Reignier

Song: Pictures on a Wall by Ira Wolf


Intermediate level

Choreographer: Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner, Betty RebelGirls & Oliver Mateu

Song: Jose Cuervo Tequila by Kimber Clayton


Intermediate level

Choreographer: Els Quatre

Song: Neon Halo by Austin Law

Another Chance

Choreographer: Simply Wild

Song: Here's To You & I by The McClymonts

Another Dream

Intermediate level

Choreographer: The Dreamers

Song: A Love I Think Will Last by Holly Williams

Anything About You

Advanced level

Choreographer: Teddy Fournet, Valentin Verbois

Song: A Thing About You by Hunter Hayes

Anything For Love

Beginner level

Choreographer: The Dreamers

Song: Anything For Love by James House

Anything You Want

Advanced level

Choreographer: David Villellas

Song: Dyin' for a Break by Josh Grider


Intermediate level

Choreographer: Bruno Moggia

Song: She Loves Me Anyway by Chancey Williams

Anywhere For You

Advanced level

Choreographer: Teo Lattanzio

Song: Anywhere for You by MacKenzie Porter


Advanced level

Choreographer: Algaly Fofana, Pol F. Ryan, The Rockets

Song: 15 to 12 by Cooper Alan


Intermediate level

Choreographer: Virginie Barjaud

Song: Appaloosa Rhapsody by The Crazy Bulls Band

Arizona Dream

Choreographer: Aveca

Song: I Could Love A Man Like That by Anita Cochran


Intermediate level

Choreographer: Karin & Ruedi (Old Gringos)

Song: The Arrow by Aaron Watson


Beginner level

Choreographer: Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner

Song: Authority Song by Chancey Williams

Ave Sau

Beginner level

Choreographer: Gabi Ibañez & Paqui Monroy

Song: Midnight Train by The Washboard Union