On this website you can consult many Catalan Style country music choreographies.
Given the large amount of choreographies that are created every year, I decided from last year to follow this editorial line: mainly publish the dances of the most important choreographers and, carefully, select the others.
Other choreographies presented during important European events, will be selected by me.

For the choreographies presented in the competitions, only those positioned in the first three places will be published, obviously also those of the main choroegraphs, if don’t reach the first places.

It’s my desire to take care of and select the choreographies that best represent the Catalan Style or, in any case, that deserve to be reported on the site. Within the limits of my possibilities.

Anyone who wishes to report any missing choreography to me, can do so, by writing to However, it will be considered.

Finally, I remember that on the “We Dance Country” app, there are many choreographies not present on the site, even traditional linedance choreographies, which you can bookmark as favorites. It’s my desire to be able to expand it a future with other contents.

Thanks for your attention,
Nora Pezzoli

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Choreographer: Gabi Ibañez & Paqui Monroy

Music: Orange Blossom Special by Mark Taynor