Kirsty Lee Akers

Choreographies Country with the songs of Kirsty Lee Akers

4 Thousand (Four Thousand)

2010    Intermediate

Choreographer: David Villellas

Music: I Ain't Your White Picket Fence Girl by Kirsty Lee Akers

Better Days

2018    Beginner

Choreographer: Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner

Music: Better Days by Kirsty Lee Akers

Es Per Tu

2016    Beginner

Choreographer: Montse Chafino

How Long

2012    Intermediate

Choreographer: Montse Chafino Sweets

Texas Sweet

2016    Intermediate

Choreographer: Montse Chafino

Music: If You Can't Be Good Be Gone by Kirsty Lee Akers