Clint Park

Clint Park

Born in Texas but raised in Tennessee, Clint’s foundation was built on three things; family, friends and music. Though his dad, Johnny Park may be his strongest musical influence. Music was always being played, written or talked about in the Park’s Gallatin, TN home. As one half of Atlantic recording duo, Archer Park, Johnny Park is a successful singer/songwriter, so it was natural for Clint to follow in his footsteps; drums by age 10, followed by guitar, piano, mandolin and bass. Music was Clint’s most interesting subject as well as his extra- curricular activity.

Source: Clint Park website

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Country dances with the songs of Clint Park

One Track Mind – Clint Park

Hakuna Matata

Intermediate level

Song: One Track Mind by Clint Park

Choreographer: Gabi Ibañez & Paqui Monroy, Neus Lloveras

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