Ya Come Down

2017 Intermediate

Choreographer: Teo Lattanzio

Music: Won’t Ya Come Down by Derek Ryan


2013 Intermediate

Choreographer: Anna Campmajó

Music: Long Time Gone by Nathan Carter



Choreographer: Simply Wild

Music: Hillbilly Bone by Johnny Brady


2018 Intermediate

Choreographer: Neus Lloveras

Music: Ireland's Turning Country by Jim Devine

Yellowstone Road

2014 Intermediate

Choreographer: Adriano Castagnoli

Music: Nothing On You And Me by Tim Hicks

You and Me

2018 Intermediate

Choreographer: Gianmarco Rossato “Johnny”

Music: Boom Boom by Lucas Hoge

You And My Dog

2019 Intermediate

Choreographer: Karin & Ruedi Braem

Music: Willie Nelson & My Dog by Sister C

You Belong To Me

2016 Beginner

Choreographer: Angel Vidal

Music: You Belong To Me by Jim Devine

You Get It

2012 Advanced

Choreographer: David Villellas

Music: Ready To Go by Bryce Pallister

You Make Me Feel

2018 Advanced

Choreographer: Teddy Fournet

Music: The Way You Make Me Feel by Matt Stillwell