2018 Intermediate

Choreographer: Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner

Music: Next Ex Wife by Jason Lee McKinney Band


2015 Intermediate

Choreographer: Virginie Barjaud

Music: A little Bit of You by Sonny Burgess

Never Give Up


Choreographer: Simply Wild

Music: Too Good To Be True by Alecia Nugent

Never More

2018 Intermediate

Choreographer: Edu Roldós & Lidia Calderero

Music: Something 'Bout A Woman by Lady Antebellum


2014 Advanced

Choreographer: David Villellas

Music: Las Vegas Gold by Austin Wahlert

Next One

2016 Intermediate

Choreographer: Mercè Orriols

Music: Wait My Turn by Cody Davis

Nice Days

2014 Intermediate

Choreographer: Adriano Castagnoli

Music: Country Side Of Mine by Steven Padilla

Nice East

2018 Beginner

Choreographer: Edu Roldós & Lidia Calderero

Music: Get Away Car by Jerry Sereda


2014 Advanced

Choreographer: The Outsiders Edu Roldós & Lidia Calderero

Music: Six Pack Of Beer by Hank Williams III

No Cash

2018 Advanced

Choreographer: Gianmarco Rossato “Johnny”

Music: Nice Horse by Pony Up

No Frost

2012 Intermediate


Music: Lil' Digger by Keith Urban

No Need To Be

2018 Advanced

Choreographer: Anna Taroni

Music: No Need To Be by The Crazy Bulls Band

No Never

2009 Intermediate

Choreographer: Els Quatre

Music: No No Never by Texas Lightning

No Worries

2019 Intermediate

Choreographer: David Villellas

Music: Gravy by Aine Crehan

Nobody’s Hurt

2015 Intermediate

Choreographer: Laura Marín & Emilio Cañizares

Music: Before Somebody Gets Hurt by Kevin Fowler

Not Yet


Choreographer: Just Us

Music: Too Bad I Haven't Met You Yet by Pete Benz