My Man

2014 Advanced

Choreographer: Teddy Fournet Valentin Verbois

Music: My Man by Kaylee Rutland

My Old Boots

2017 Beginner

Choreographer: Cathy Dumoulin

Music: Some Town Somewhere by Kenny Chesney

My One

2019 Beginner

Choreographer: Virginie Barjaud

Music: One of You by The Sunny Cowgirls

My Own Luck

2018 Advanced

Choreographer: Bruno Moggia

Music: Makin' My Own Luck by Jamie Lee Thurston

My Own Sunshine

2017 Intermediate

Choreographer: Laura Jones

Music: I Make My Own Sunshine by Steven Tyler

My Roots

2019 Intermediate

Choreographer: David Villellas

Music: Showin' My Roots by Taylon Hope

My Teacher My Friend

2018 Beginner

Choreographer: Edu Roldós & Lidia Calderero

Music: Mama Must Be Prayin’ by Bucky Covington

My Trashy Side

2018 Advanced

Choreographer: Gianmarco Rossato “Johnny”

Music: Trashy Side by Kimberly Dunn

My Way

2019 Intermediate

Choreographer: Virginie Barjaud

Music: Never Come Back Again by Sam Palladio


2017 Intermediate

Choreographer: Manu Santos Algaly Fofana

Music: Little Bit Of You by Chase Bryant