Live In Texas

2016 Intermediate

Choreographer: Adriano Castagnoli

Music: I've Always Loved You by Aaron Watson

Lives In Two

2018 Intermediate

Choreographer: Teddy Fournet

Music: Lives in Two by The Crazy Bulls Band

Living Together



Music: Feel Good Song Of The Year by Old Man Markley


2007 Intermediate

Choreographer: The Dalton

Music: I Guess You Had to Be There by Craig Morgan

Loaded Up

2019 Advanced

Choreographer: David Prestor

Music: East Bound And Down by Midland


2012 Advanced


Music: Next To Me by Jonathan Godin


2013 Advanced

Choreographer: Bruno Moggia

Music: Independent Trucker by Travis Sinclair

Long Pride

2015 Beginner

Choreographer: Adriano Castagnoli

Music: It's Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer by Neal McCoy

Lookin’ For Someone

2018 Advanced

Choreographer: Teddy Fournet

Music: Someone To Take Your Place by Tara Thompson

Looking For

2009 Advanced

Choreographer: David Villellas

Music: Started A Band by Bobby Pinson

Loose Cannon

2019 Intermediate

Choreographer: Lorenzo Zappata

Music: Ramblin Kind by Casey Donahew

Loose Leg


Choreographer: Funny Step

Music: Get Even by Brad Paisley


2019 Intermediate

Choreographer: Teo Lattanzio

Music: Lordy Lordy by Brave Giant

Lost In Me

2013 Intermediate

Choreographer: David Villellas

Music: Wagon Wheel by Nathan Carter

Loud & Clear

2019 Intermediate

Choreographer: Manu Santos Algaly Fofana

Music: Who Said It by The McClymonts

Love It

2018 Beginner

Choreographer: Montse Moscardó

Music: Hard Not To Love It by Steve Moakler

Love Lives On

2018 Advanced

Choreographer: Teo Lattanzio

Music: Love Lives On by Hunter Brothers

Love Someone

2018 Beginner

Choreographer: Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner

Music: Love Someone by Brett Eldredge

Love Will Be Enough

2018 Beginner

Choreographer: Jurka Blažko

Music: I Won't Take Less Than Your Love by Paul Overstreet


2015 Intermediate

Choreographer: Silvia Denise Staiti

Music: How I'll Always Be by Tim McGraw

Loves You Right

2016 Intermediate

Choreographer: Silvia Calsina

Music: When The Wrong one Loves You Right by Wade Hayes


2019 Intermediate

Choreographer: Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner Ma Jesus & Maite, Mariajo & Carolyn, Carlos & Javier

Music: Lovesick by Aubrey Eisenman & The Clydes


2015 Beginner

Choreographer: The Southern Gang Manu Santos

Music: Mirror On The Wall by Lee Matthews

Lucky Me

2018 Beginner

Choreographer: Laura Jones

Music: If You Ask Me by Curtis Grimes


2017 Intermediate

Choreographer: Virginie Barjaud

Music: Lonely Enough by Little Big Town


2014 Intermediate

Choreographer: Silvia Denise Staiti David Villellas

Music: Country Soul by Derek Ryan